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    October 28, 2012
    4:30 - 5:00pm PDT  

and hopefully -- audio technician down there is okay. and coming up next "the o.t." presented by lowes. and then on for game four of the world series. giants leading 3-0. they don't want to leave any time on the clock to do it. give the ball back. eli manning a chance to come back himself. and ogletree. and a flag comes in. late.
see what they're going to call here. and from what i could tell, looks like prince amukamara played the ball as well as you could play it. see here on the outside. and the initial contact. looked like, more contact. fourth down. no foul. yeah, i thought that was textbook coverage. by amukamara. contact, initially there off the line of scrimmage. was initiated by ogletree. by the end there was normal contact that takes place. i thought they did a good job of picking that up. now here we are, fourth and 1. today on fourth down. that was on the quarterback keeper by romo. from the 1 yard line.
and in trouble. throws. and it is intercepted. and who else would it be? a penalty flag is down. steve yef broie brown third turnover of the game. again we wait on the penalty. holding. offense. number 58. penalty is declined. first down. so the giants get the football. on the sixth dallas turnover of the game. the fourth interception. thrown by tony romo. there for a minute. it looked like, romo was going to get outside the pocket. it looked like romo was going to get outside the pocket. you are going to see, gentlemen s joseph, feels back. and gives enough to
keep romo from feeling he can scramble to outside. once romo started retreating, he is in no-man's land there. he is just now trying to throw it up and give his team a chance to make a play. gift defensive front, credit for the pressure. and joseph. though romo outruns him. >> thom: now the giants trying to protect the football. and put this one on ice. cowboys turning it over. on the last two drives they turned it over. the numbable by felix jones. when all they needed was a field gel to go back in front. now needing a touchdown on the fourth and 1. interception. >> troy: i didn't want to count the last interception. that one had to be thrown out. six turnovers in the game. let's say five. you don't win games in the nfl with five turnovers. the cowboys had a chance to come back and win this game. tom coughlin still
asking himself how did it happen. i know. and the cowboys didn't play well enough offensive leave. to win this game. defensively, i thought rob ryan came in with a nice game plan. and those guys played awfully well there. but offensively, just, you can't, spot a good football team like the giants, 23 points. >> thom: bradshaw. their second time-out. turnover, after turnover. after turnover. the first 18 minutes of the game. three interceptions. a fumbled punt by dez bryant. but they hung in there. interception returned for a touchdown by pierre-paul. two drives to go. and a jones fumble. running into his own man. and then the interception, second
of the game by steve yef brown. stevie brown. people ask, how can the cowboys be now, three and four. they have a top ten offense. a top ten dechlts afen. they turn the ball over on offense. they deon't create enough take aways on defense. then they beat themselves. and the giants were not excused in that area in this game either. but that is something overall as we have talked about, the giants don't do. they don't turn the ball over. they're not penalized. they don't beat themselves. and that's why they're walking out of here once again from cow boys stadium with a victory. now they're still waiting on the spot of the ball to see whether or not, bradshaw got the first down. if he does, the game is basically over. if he doesn't, and it doesn't appear -- as though he got there. to bring up -- bring up a fourth down. weatherford is already on the field. and dez bryant is already standing -- back in his own 30 yard line.
if you are wondering, steve weatherford, is entire nfl career. entire career. 472 punts. has never -- had a punt blocked. dez bryant. and all the way back to the midfield. coming after this thing. boom. and caught by livingston. out of bound. they're out of time-outs. 44 second remain. told you the giants
won the first ever game in this stadium. 2 '09, '10. tony romo was knocked out, and a win last year. giants rallied from 12 down in the final 5:30 to win 37-34. with jerry jones, who made the comment, before the season started, about come on down to cowboys stadium and watch the -- the cowboys kick some giant tail. well, they beat them in the opener in the meadowlands. 44 second away from a season split. and how the giants are going to play this defensively. and, you know, playing, pretty soft. it looked like they may come up and
challenge them. they were disguising the look. came off with four guys across. trying to just raly and come up and make a pass. obviously they want to not allow the cow biz to catch it and get out of bound and keep the ball running. and down the field. witten. and the catch. continues to run. 16 catches, the cowboys single game record. spike it, with 25 seconds left. coming up "the o.t." and game four of the world series. and for so many of you, thinking of you along the eastern seaboard of the united states. hurricane sandy. giants will be flying
back into that. or at least into that vicinity after the game here today. romo fires. it's caught. at the 41 yard line. by dez bryant. 19 second left in the game. >> troy: they're going to keep it interesting. now they're in position to where they can get the ball into the end zone. even if they've get any more yardage here on the next players, they're in a shot where they can throw a hail mary. and have this thing come done to the last play. >> thom: don meredith, quarterback, last time they had three receivers with 100 or more yard in the game. and which they have today. witten, and bryant.
17 catches. we mention a cowboys single game record. for the guy who -- really, may be only two week from now. will become the franchise leader all time. four receptions. he came into the game just 21 catches behind. michael irvin. romo. going to throw it to the end zone. and it is -- a miracle touchdown for bryant!
the riding hand. coming down. looks like it lands on the line. it looked like it was going to be close, the entire way. whether he was in bounds. the backhand hits on the line before any other part of his body touches down. in position to make the play on the ball. he never gets over the top. so what looked to be a touchdown now looks like it is coming back. >> referee: the previous play is under review. >> thom: they're taking a look.
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possession of the ball. pass is incomplete. first down and five. 6 second. >> troy: he gets open. runs a double move. and webster bites on it. not sure why he did that. but then it looked like, brown, coming over the top. middle safety had a chance to make pay play on the ball as well. if none of that happened. dez bryant is able to make the catch. you see. had he been down before the hand hit. it's a touchdown. that's how close it was. there is still six seconds on the clock. they have got one more shot at throwing this into the end zone. >> thom: the call on the field was a touchdown. bryant is having to walk off. he was injured on the
play. landed very hard on his hip. of course, he already had a groin injury last week. against carolina. 6 seconds remain. romo spent a lot of time in the huddle. talking about this. you wonder if they will try to do something a little different than just throwing a hail mary with everybody streaking down the field. it was the correct call. >> referee: please reset the game clock at 10 second. >> thom: the right call. hand comes down. fingers out of bound. before his backside landed clearly in the end zone. so the replay officials got it right.
so they add four second to the clock. and they want to talk about it themselves. they call a time-out. talk about it. the whole defense coming over off to the sidelines. and i think tom coughlin is still a little bit upset. about that spot. about the spot going back to the hand yuf to ahmad bradshaw. the third down call. he thought had plenty of enough to get the first down. which forced the giants to have to punt it back to the cowboys. he was livid on the sideline. were it not -- they say it is a game of inches. it may be the oldest cliche in the book. if there is ever an example it is where the fingers landed in the back of the end zone. dez bryant.
a second bend of your finger. still a shot. they get it in closer. witten. out of bound. at the 28 yard line. now is your shot in the end zone. >> troy: now is their shot. now they can run a more designed play. you know as owe ppposeo just throwing it up. they can run a play. they practice on from the -- from the 27 yard line.
>> thom: the pressure. they'll run the sideline. here we go. throws. through the fingertips. there is a second remaining. i'm not sure if he makes the catch if he is not going to come down short of the goal line. >> troy: if the ball is lower, webster is there, and brown, they more than likely make the play before he is able to get into the end zone. you can probably ride on that. now here it is. >> thom: dez bryant. comes back in. final play. and time-out is called by the giants. i think those people say, okay. everybody and his brother knows, you have got to throw the
ball to the end zone here. so -- if you are -- if you are jason garrett, are there plays you work on to try to fool somebody, i guess for lack of a better word, to try to find a way to indeed get the ball in the end zen on the final play of the game. >> troy: absolutely they do. as we just saw on the last play. you know, simple as the it sound from the 27 yard line. they have a shot. to ship milhit miles a. and pure tackling keep hem out of the end zone. they're not going to line eight guys up. you have guys playing underneath. you have four deep guys that are trying to make a play off of it. the three-man rush. romo throws. and that's going to do it. the new york giants go
to 4-0 here at cowboys stadium. they are 6-2 in command of the nfc why shop t.j.maxx and marshalls? one. you get all the awesome brand names. two. you get them for less than department stores, and that's awesome.
three. she'll think you look stylish and awesome. four. you'll actually be awesome, which is awesome. t.j.maxx and marshalls. two awesome ways to score. good evening, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. and we have a live picture of coamerica park where the san francisco giant will take on the detroit tigers leading the
world series 3-0, meaning a win tonight and the giants sweep the tigers and clinch the series. giants fans from the bay area to the motor city are revved up for the game. we have the started just minutes away. but we may not have deborah because of a glitch in the video. but, again, players are ready to take the field for game four of the world series and more from detroit in just a bit. >> first off, though, fans and players had to deal with drizzle. any rain expected tolinger, mark? >> heather and ken, some of this is working back closer to detroit, and we cannot rule out a chance of a few light showers or drizzle. this is the current temperature, 44 and a breeze out there, sustained out of the north at 16 miles per hour with the shower activity pretty
close by. it's not major but still at least in the detroit area where the bulk of the action is to the east. but for first pitch at 5:15 our time, 42 degrees and lots of cloud cover and a bit of a breeze, 18 to 20 miles per hour and a chance of drizzle or a spotty shower but another cold evening in detroit with temperatures dropping into the lower 40s. giants' fans are gathering at the civic center for a big public world series viewing party in front of city hall as you can see. a jumbo television screen has been set up so hopefully everyone can see the game. the mayor's office organized this event, and they did this during the world cup. the party is family friendly and that alcohol is prohibited. everyone in the crowd going to be catching game 4. it airs right here after this newscast. coverage begins at 5:00 with the first pitch for around 5:15. i think we got the bugs worked
out and try to get back to detroit and find out what's going on at coamerica park. hello, deborah. >> reporter: hello, yes, a cold night in detroit. giants' fans, for them, it's imaginecam, and tigers's fans, not so much. look at the headlines, triple crown. that's the triple crown winner, miguel cabrera, huge disappointment this series. his bat has gone silent. >> go, tigers! >> reporter: the tigers faithful have their face paint on and are holding onto fading hopes that they can win one and survive to play again. it would take a four-game sweep to wrestle the world series away from the dominant giants. for many, this field is like 2006 when they got drummed out of the championship winning only one game. but at batting practice,
detroit folks told me anything can still happen. >> it's not over. no way, jose. not tonight. >> going back to san francisco. we have not given up. >> four in a row's possible. >> yeah. >> play best of seven. >> now we know how new york felt last week. we were here when we clinched it and swept them. there is no sweep tonight. i guarantee you that. >> reporter: compare these tigers fans to the jubilant giants fan s that traveled here after last night to cheer their team on for the shut out. and i just talked to a san jose couple who had followed the giants from cincinnati to st. louis and now to detroit. >> yeah, it is really great memories, lots of fun and it's just never just go to see unless there was a reason issue and now there is a reason. >> reporter: you just keep your
bag packed? >> pretty much, pretty much. it's all orange and black as you can tell. it's not hard. you just keep the orange and black in the suitcase. >> reporter: we looked in on batting practices, and the players looked loose and relaxed. why not? they were bundled more than usual, and it's colder in the wind and in the intensity of the game, the cold isn't something they noticed. i talked with the batting coach, and he said that everyone feels that tonight is the night, and they're very excited, but they know better than any team that you gotta take it one inning at a time, one out at a time before you think about popping that champagne. deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police are preparing for a possible win with added patrols trying to prevent a repeat of 2010 when
fans filled the streets and, at times, got violent. officers made a handful of arrests then, and this year, police tell us that they are adding officers to at and t park, union square, north beach, and the marina. heavy surf and high winds are hitting the beaches in ocean city, maryland today ahead of the impending mega storm hurricane sandy. residents scrambled to board up windows and collect sandbags. speaking from fema headquarters, president obama said that residents need to take this storm very seriously and follow instructions from local officials. the storm expected to make landfall tonight into tomorrow. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. see you the next time news breaks. >> and we're here online. game 5 coming up in a few minutes in detroit, and if the giants win, they're world series champs. leave of it right here and we'll see you back here after
the game. >> go, giants! >> that's right. go, giants!